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Real-Time Gait Analysis & Therapy


Note: The Gaitometer was an iPhone and iPod App that was available from 2011 - 2017. Due to changes in the Apple iOS operating system this App is no longer available, and the information on this website is provided for informational purposes.

The Gaitometer measures human gait asymmetry when walking (or running), and provides real-time gait analysis and therapy using audible and visual feedback to assist the user in obtaining a more symmetric and normal gait. A selectable Gait Warning sound can be used to provide immediate feedback to help the user reduce the measured gait abnormality.

In addition to immediate feedback for an abnormal gait, a gait history is stored and displayed in increments of minutes, hours, and days to monitor gait improvements. The Gaitometer should be worn at the center of the body, and will work best on consistent surfaces such as smooth sidewalks, running tracks, treadmills, etc.

Gait Analysis Animation