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Note: The Gaitometer was an iPhone and iPod App that was available from 2011 - 2017. Due to changes in the Apple iOS operating system this App is no longer available, and the information on this website is provided for informational purposes.

Gaitometer | Gait Analysis

After surgery or injury involving the lower body, an abnormal gait pattern often develops. Long after the injury heals, this irregular gait pattern may persist or become permanent due to a gait pattern that develops during the time following the surgery or injury. In other words, the person may develop an abnormal gait "habit" by favoring the injured limb, and persist in this abnormal gait pattern long after the injury has healed.

Although the movements associated with the human gait are quite complex and a thorough gait analysis involves a variety of gait parameters, one of the primary parameters is the gait cadence. A symmetric right step time vs. left step time pattern is critical to a healthy gait. The Gaitometer is designed to measure the symmetry of the step cadence pattern when worn by the user, and provide audible and visual feedback in real-time. This real-time gait analysis and therapy may assist the user in reducing or eliminating gait abnormalities associated with an irregular gait cadence, and achieve a more normal healthy gait.